Which Are the Legitimate Filipina Dating Sites? | Filipina Dating

Online dating has a reputation for scams and scammers. If you’re going to try online dating then you need to:

  1. Choose a reputable dating site
  2. Avoid talking to scammers

Both men and women can be victims of dating scams, so take care when using any dating site.

As far as the legitimate Filipina dating sites go, these sites are genuine, and are especially popular Filipina dating sites:

That doesn’t mean to say that either of these are free from scammers though.

There are a lot of other smaller dating sites. Free Filipina dating sites are usually OK, but they’re very popular with scammers.

The main thing to be wary of are the smaller pay sites. Sometimes fraudsters set up sites in order to steal personal information, or they set up sites with fake profiles.

5 Ways to Tell if a Dating Site is Legit

  1. First of all check that the site has a postal address and phone number listed on it.
  2. Check that the domain name registration is clearly visible. Use a site like DNS Stuff to check the WHOIS entry for the website name. Ideally this should match the postal address shown on the site. Don’t use a site where the WHOIS entry is disguised or hidden. Be wary of Asian dating websites that are owned by Russian or African owners.
  3. Search on Google for any information from satisfied or dissatisfied customers of the site. Note that if a dating site is small then you might not find much, simply because there aren’t huge numbers of users.
  4. Sites that take credit card payments are usually legitimate. Be wary of sites that only take PayPal or Western Union payments.
  5. Sign up for membership and see what the quality of profile is like. If people are not uploading photos, or they are uploading photos of flowers and other things then the site is probably full of scammers. Take things slowly for the first month. Be wary of handing over personal information until you’re sure the site is legitimate.

Finally, if you have doubts about a particular site then the Romance Scams forum is worth visiting.

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