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Ladyboy sites tend to fall into one of several categories:

  1. Adult themed photo and video sites.
  2. Cam sites where you can participate in sexy chat sessions.
  3. General shemale and transsexual dating sites.
  4. Ladyboy dating sites.

If you’re looking for the first two types of sites, then check out my Hot Asian Women site. Or just search Google.

The third type of ladyboy site are those focused on men who want to meet ladyboys, especially ladyboys in their local area. These sites aren’t usually focused on Asian ladyboys. They’re often also a melting pot of gay, straight, crossdressers and all kinds of other folk.

Lastly, there are a few dating sites that cater specifically for men seeking Asian ladyboys. A couple of sites to check out are:

  1. Ladyboy Kisses. This is simply the only site you need if you want to find ladyboys who are seeking men for longer term relationships.
  2. Asian Love Connections. I built this site. It’s newer, but it does at least offer 100% free Asian ladyboy dating.

Spotting the Good Ladyboys

Really it depends on your timeline for your contact with a ladyboy.

Is there anything more intriguing than a sexy Asian ladyboy?

If you’re only interested in “one night love” (as my Chinese ex-girlfriend calls it) then I guess you don’t really need to worry what type of ladyboy you’re with. Just bear in mind that some ladyboys can be quite aggressive, and scamming men is a way of life.

Aggressive ladyboys are particularly common in Thailand. Of course if you’re lurking round the back streets of Angeles City in the Philippines then you’re also going to have be careful where you go and who you’re with.

As for spotting ladyboys with longer term relationship potential, well that’s rather harder.

My friend has a ladyboy girlfriend, and he reckons that around half the ladyboys on dating sites are what we can call less than honest. Depending on which dating site you use, the figure might well be higher. I know that on my dating site I suspend around 25% of all the new registrations – scamming people on dating sites is big business these days and not every dating site owner is as good at removing the scammers as I am or the owner of Ladyboy Kisses is.

Thankfully it’s usually pretty easy to spot most scammers. They’re running a business of sorts, and they won’t waste their time chatting to you – sooner or later they’ll ask you for money. Once they do, then you know that you’re talking to a scammer.

One thing I’ll point out though is that if you’re after something from a ladyboy (i.e. sexy chat, sexy photos etc. etc.) then it is only fair that they get something in return. Life is hard in Asia – there’s very little social support, and yes, there will be occasions when ladyboys do have a genuine emergency in their family and need cash to sort things out.

Ladyboy Shop-a-Holics

Shop-a-Holics are as common in Asia as they are in any other part of the World!

After the scammers come many other types of ladyboy. Shopping addicts are quite common. In fact, this isn’t just a ladyboy thing, many Asian women have exactly the same problem. One of my Chinese girlfriends spent money (my money!) like it was going out of fashion! Thankfully not all Asian women or ladyboys are like this though. On the other hand, these types of fashion gals are popular with many men. The most important thing is to work out which type of ladyboy you’re chatting to. The shopaholics are usually easy to spot. On a ladyboy site like Ladyboy Kisses they’ll upload a lot more photos than usual. Needless to say, they’ll be wearing fabulous frocks in most of these photos!

Lazy ladyboys are pretty common as well. These often take up a career scamming men and asking men for money, simply because it’s an easy way to make a living. If you’re looking for a long term partner, it’s a good idea to seek out somebody who works for a living. Ladyboys often struggle to find legit day jobs, but those who have sensible office lady jobs or something are really the best type of ladyboy there is.

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