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Now I’ll admit I’ve never experienced a romance tour for myself. I was seriously interested in attending the LoveMe China romance tour. However, it seemed quite expensive for what it was. More importantly, I’d previously visited a girl in China, so I had a very good idea of how to meet more Asian ladies through sites like Cherry Blossoms or Chinese Cupid.

Also I set my heart on finding a Chinese wife. I know that most men are well decided about which country they want an Asian bride from. I did think about finding a Filipino bride, but Chinese ladies are a better match for me.

One thing I like about China is that it’s such a safe place to visit. Crime rates are generally low, and crime against Westerners attracts very harsh punishments, so the locals are wary of Westerners.

I’m not sure the same thing can be said about the Philippines though. For this reason I would be very inclined to attend a singles tour in the Philippine rather than go it alone.

The other thing I like about singles tours of the Philippines is that they allow you to meet a lot of girls in person. The average Philippines dating site has such large numbers of ladies that I’m not sure how I would ever narrow down upwards of half a million ladies to a single lady!

With Chinese brides I have a much easier time. Sure, China’s population is vast, and so is the number of ladies on Chinese dating sites. But I want an English speaking Chinese lady, so that means I can in a single stroke discount around 75% of the girls on Chinese Cupid or China Love Match.

The Best Philippines Romance Tour Operators

Asia’s megacities have vast populations, so how do you choose the girl for you?

I had a look at Filipina Brides Online. They claimed to operate Philippines romance tours. However, I couldn’t find any details. Additionally this company (Anastasia) don’t have a great reputation as their sites are expensive to use and their Russian dating sites attract quite a lot of complaints.

At the end of the day, romance tours can cost upwards of $2000, so you need to know that you’re booking with a reputable company.

I guess the most well known romance tour operator is LoveMe. This is a USA based company and they operate under a number of brands including A Foreign Affair (AFA) and LoveMe. They also operate the Foreign Ladies personals site.

LoveMe are a legitimate US based company, and they’ve been around for many years. Their customer support is good, and they have loads of useful material on their website to help you in your search for a foreign bride. If you’re interested in the romance tours then they regularly post photos from their tours. Check out the Philippines tour photos and you’ll see there are around 10 beautiful Pinays for every Western man! It’s also apparent that you can set your standards of Filipina girl you meet on this trip high – very high indeed!

There are also plenty of testimonials from satisfied men. Actually, most men have an enjoyable time on romance tours. The socials can be a blast, and you’ll meet lifelong friends (both male and female) on the trip.

If I had some criticisms of them is that their sites are quite expensive. I wouldn’t get into paying to write to Filipinas on a per letter basis – they generally understand English and you can chat to them for free on Facebook or DateInAsia. Letter writing is good for Chinese or Thai women who speak no English, but you shouldn’t need to use this service for Filipinas.

Although you can write to ladies before you see them on the romance tour, there are so many lovely ladies that attend the social events that I would just wait until the trip and see which lady I liked best on the trip itself. If you chat to ladies before the tour then you’ll also question why you paid to go on the tour in the first place.

Also I found that A Foreign Affair are a very USA company and as an English guy I thought they were very American. Sure, they have clients from Canada, Western Europe, Australia as well as the UK, but for me I got a little scared. Well if you’re an American then you’ll no doubt love what they do!

Having said that, LoveMe are far and away the best choice if you want to meet a lot of Filipinas in person instead of wasting time with online dating and all the scammers and undesirables that involves.

Cebu or Davao?

So LoveMe operates Philippines singles tours to two destinations – Davao City and Cebu City. Which one is best?

Obviously if you’re a busy guy and can’t always get away from your work or family commitments at certain times of the year then you’ll have to pick whichever tour you can take time off to attend.

Personally I was more interested in attending the Cebu tour. Why?

Hong Kong’s fantastic international airport offers regular connecting flights to Cebu’s airport

Well Cebu City is an old colonial city and it’s arguably the most Westerner friendly of all the Philippines cities. It has a great coastal location, and the island of Cebu is a tropical paradise in itself. If there was less crime, corruption and crazy weather in the Philippines then maybe Cebu could become a vacation destination to rival Phuket in Thailand.

Other advantages of Cebu include the fact that there are some good connecting flights from Hong Kong’s international airport. And Cebu’s airport itself isn’t too far from the downtown city. If you’re flying to the Philippines then Hong Kong is a fantastic airport to use for the connecting flight. There are plenty of restaurants, seating areas and rest rooms. There’s even free Wi-Fi. And the view from the airport terminal building to the mountainous islands off the mainland is nothing short of spectacular.

Davao has its good points as well though. Looking at the thousands of Filipina ladies listed on the LoveMe website, I have to say that the Davao girls have a slight edge over their Cebu sisters when it comes to looks. Mind you, this is only marginal, and the quality of ladies in both locations is nothing short of spectacular.

So while it’s really easy to meet Filipinas on the large number of Asian dating sites there are, I’d recommend you take a look at the LoveMe romance tours as one of the best ways of meeting your future Filipina wife.

Do you think romance tours are a good way to crack the Filipina singles scene? Or are they far too expensive for the average guy? Leave your comments below.

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