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Filipina Brides Online is a great website where you can make contact with beautiful Filipina ladies online. The site is also known as Philippines Brides Online.

Filipina Brides Online is a sort of hybrid dating website, introduction agency and tour company all rolled into one. You can visit Filipina Brides Online and see profiles of dozens of lovely Filipina ladies. If you want to visit them you can also take part in an escorted wife-finding tour of the Philippines.

Filipina Brides Online is part of the AFA and LoveMe Asian brides business. The company was established many years ago and has a fairly good reputation. Before using any Asian wife finding website I highly recommend that you extensively research any website on Google. Also check that a company is long established and preferably choose one that has a base in a Western country (e.g. the United States, Canada or Australia). Please be especially wary of Hong Kong based sites such as ChnLove – there are some very suspect businesses operating out of Hong Kong these days.

Filipina Brides – Bride Finding Tours

Worried about going to the Philippines on your own? Then join a bride tour!

If you don’t like the idea of online dating then you might be interested in the tours of the Philippines organised by Filipina Brides Online. An escorted tour basically means that you and a load of other guys get driven around a Philippines city meeting dozens of eligible ladies looking for Western husbands. Escorted tours are available for cities including Cebu and Davao City.

Tours are normally fully inclusive (except for flights). They normally include hotel costs, an airport pickup, guided tours of your destination city and use of an interpreter if necessary.

Tours can be a good way to find a Filipina wife, especially if you have you heart set on finding a bride from the Philippines. Since the Philippines can be a fairly hostile place for a lone Western man to visit, it’s particularly advisable to join a tour rather than travel there alone.

The main problem with escorted tours is that you never quite know if the ladies are seriously looking for a Western husband, or whether they’ve just come along for some free wine and food. The main thing to do is to choose a reputable tour company with a long history of organising such tours. The great thing about Filipina women is that they speak English, so it’s much easier to ask them what they want out of life compared to having to use an interpreter.

Filipina Brides – Online Bride Profiles

The Filipina Brides site also has many profiles of lovely ladies so you can take a look and see if you find someone you like. Once you’ve seen someone then you can choose to start a correspondence with her online.

Alternatively why not draw up a shortlist and see if you can visit them in person on an escorted tour of the Philippines? Speaking from experience, you can do all the emailing and webcam sessions in the world, but unless you meet somebody in person it’s really hard to tell if there’s chemistry in real life.

Filipina Brides – a Good Choice of Asian Wife?

The huge advantage of Filipino women is that they speak and write reasonable English. If you’re looking for an Asian wife in Thailand or China then you’ll often have an uphill struggle trying to communicate with your potential wife. Although there are women in China and Thailand who speak English, the problem is that Mandarin Chinese or Thai are just so different from English that it’s a huge undertaking for them to learn really good English.

The Philippines has many fantastic places to take your new Filipina girlfriend…

I won’t say that Filipino English is the greatest you’ll ever read. I run a free dating site for men seeking Filipino brides, and the quality of English you get posted my Filipinas is variable at best. Still, it’s quite easy to work out what they’re trying to say. Compare that to some of the profiles I’ve had to decipher on Chinese Love Links, and it’s not bad at all.

Another great thing about Filipina women is that they are normally Catholic and fairly religious (God fearing as they call it). For them divorce is a great shame for them and their families. Consequently they tend to treat marriage much more seriously, and will think a bit more seriously about marriage compared to a woman from Thailand or China, where divorce is no big deal.

Finally Filipina women often have a good education. Since the Philippines is not that wealthy, education is taken extremely seriously due to it being one possible route out of poverty. Many Filipina women get a good education and then go to work overseas.

I know many people (usually women) think that the “mail order bride” business involves uneducated women from poor countries, but times are changing. Money is moving eastwards. There is just as much poverty in the United States these days – look at the numbers of people who have to survive on food stamps. Yes there is poverty in Asia but there is a growing middle class throughout the region who have reasonably good jobs and a good standard of living in their own countries. The Filipino guy who designed my latest website did an excellent job. The Chinese woman I met online and went to visit in China was better dressed than most Western women in my home town.

Anyway, this rant about peoples’ misconceptions is now over. If you’re looking for a wife from the Philippines then you’ll find it very easy indeed. Check out Filipina dating sites like Filipino Cupid, Asian Love Connections, Blossoms and get chatting to some wonderful women.

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