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Today being a Saturday, I had a walk into my nearby town to do some shopping. While I was there I was struck by how many oriental brides I saw.

Clearly Asian women are still very popular with English guys, and in fact they remain popular with men from all over the world.

Having travelled around Asia, I’ve begun to be able to differentiate between the different oriental women you see in Western countries.

Thai brides remain ever popular, especially with the older gentleman. A guy in his 50’s or 60’s with a Thai bride who is in her mid-40’s is a fairly common sight.

Younger guys do seem to prefer Chinese brides though. I’ve seen a lot of Western guys in their 20’s and 30’s with Chinese women at their sides. I guess this is down to China opening up so much and so many younger Chinese women choosing to study abroad at American, Canadian, Australian and British universities.

So these are other guys’ lives – what about YOUR chances of finding an oriental bride?

I’d say your chances of finding an Asian wife are good to excellent. In fact there’s a near 100% chance that you’ll be able to find a sexy oriental bride of your own.

Oriental women are an increasingly common sight in the UK, Canada and USA

The main requirement you need is a little bit of cash to be able to travel to Asia to meet women. The days of mail order brides turning up at your local airport arrivals hall are long gone. Now you have to prove that you’ve met your bride, and that your love for each other is genuine.

It’s also quite time consuming to find an oriental bride. This is largely down to the fact that there are just so many women to choose from, it could take you a while to narrow down your choice.

Distance is also a problem, and if you can’t spend a few months in Asia then it will take a while to find a bride. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get engaged to a girl on your first trip to Asia – I’ve been to Asia to meet women on five occasions now, and I’m still not married. You might be in more of a hurry than I am though.

There are a few other hurdles in your quest for an oriental bride. It’s essential to be wary of romance scammers. These are incredibly common on oriental dating sites. Thais and Filipinas are the worst, but organised crime syndicates are also getting into these types of scams – because they’re so successful.

If you obey the golden rule of not sending money to girls you meet online, then you’ll thwart 99% of scammers, so don’t worry too much.

After that you still need to know if the oriental woman you’re intending to marry is sincere. Well this is kind of harder to tell – we guys have a job understanding women from our own country, let alone exotic women from a distant land.

If you want an oriental bride to live with you in your country after marriage then it’s usually better to find a woman who is closer to your own age. They’ll love you a lot more, and are less likely to run off with a younger guy. Don’t worry though – oriental women tend to age very well indeed, and you’ll still be able to find a woman who is a lot hotter than any woman you could hope to date back in your own country.

As to how to get started, try the following:

  • Check you can afford an oriental bride! See this breakdown of the likely costs involved.
  • Choose which country’s women you like the best, and are best suited for you. Try this free oriental wife finding tool to see some suggestions.
  • Sign up to a site like Asian Dating then you can see photos of women from a wide range of Asian countries. Don’t worry – it’s totally free and you only have to pay for membership once you’re ready to contact some ladies.
  • Get chatting to women, and once you’ve found some who you like, go visit them in Asia!

If you have any questions about oriental brides and how to find love in Asia, then leave your comments below.

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