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Asian ladyboy beach babes. I’d sure love to party with them!

Love ladyboys?

Want a ladyboy girlfriend?

Then my tip is to head to the Philippines, and give Thailand a miss.

If you can’t visit Asia anytime soon, then don’t worry because online ladyboy chat is another possibility. The good news is that once you chat to a few ladyboys, then you’ll make some great friends in Asia that you’ll be able to visit once you’re able to do so. And of course it’s possible to have an online ladyboy girlfriend.

So where do you find Asian ladyboys online?

My tip is to avoid all the expensive adult chat sites – these often charge by the minute and can very quickly drain your wallet.

There are two ladyboy dating sites worth a look:

  1. Asian Love Connections is the site I run. The site was only established in 2012, so it’s taking a while to fill up with members. You’ll find quite a few ladyboy members on there. The majority are from the Philippines. This site is totally free to use.
  2. Ladyboy Kisses is simply the best Asian ladyboy dating site there is. This site is absolutely the best place to find Thai and Filipino ladyboys. There are also smaller numbers of transsexuals from other Asian countries, most notably Malaysia.

Online Ladyboy Dating

Filipino ladyboy beach babes. So when are you going to book your trip to the Philippines?

The last time I looked there were just under 10,000 ladyboy members on the Ladyboy Kisses site. Of those, an astonishing 80% were from the Philippines, and only 10% from Thailand. The other 10% were from a range of countries.

Filipino ladyboys have a number of advantages though:

  • English speaking abilities. Most Filipino ladyboys speak and understand a reasonable level of English. I run an Asian dating site and I’d say that 99% of the Philippines members can write enough English to write a passable description in their profile. Like everywhere else these days, txt-speak seems to have ruined their grammatical skills, but you’ll get much the same in the USA! By contrast, few of the Thai members on my site speak much in the way of English, and this can be a real barrier to having a meaningful chat online.
  • Choice. As I’ve already mentioned, you’ll find there are so many Filipino ladyboys to choose from, especially online. My sources in the Philippines also tell me that ladyboys are pretty numerous in real life. You’ll find them in malls (obviously), on the street, in bars, in fact anywhere really. Isn’t it refreshing that transsexuals can walk around opening in somewhere like Manila or Cebu.
  • Curves. I guess different guys like different things. But I like the fact that Filipino ladyboys are so darned curvy. By contrast a lot of the Thai ladyboys are tall and thin, and not as feminine as I would like.
  • Fun and Friendly. I’ve dated a lot of Japanese and Chinese women. While they’re some of the most stunning women on the planet, they can be cold and spoilt princesses at times. By contrast, I’ve found my Philippines friends to be tremendous fun and far less likely to display princess qualities. While I’m talking about Asian women here, you’ll find that Filipino ladyboys are also fun and very friendly.

The Mysterious Ladyboy

It’s not all good though. Asian dating is a haven for scammers these days, and ladyboy dating is especially hazardous.

My friend has a Philippines ladyboy girlfriend, and he’s lucky to have found an honest and reliable life partner. Other men aren’t so lucky. He reckons 50% of ladyboys you’ll meet online are bad apples. So I can highly recommend his guide to successful ladyboy dating:

These sorts of dating guides are pretty damned good. I was a total failure in China until I read a guide to understanding Chinese women. Even though I’d been to Asia many times, I really didn’t understand the subtle cultural differences that would make a huge difference in Asia.

By the way, don’t be too shy about dating ladyboys. I know that only a third of men who sign up to ladyboy contacts sites upload a photo of themselves. And when I asked on the Happier Abroad forum, hardly anyone would admit to being interested in ladyboys. Well I happen to know that most men are fascinated by ladyboys, even if they won’t admit it to others!

So if you’re interested in Asian ladyboys and want a cute ladyboy girlfriend, remember the ladyboys of the Philippines!

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