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Fed up with dating women? Want to try something different? Increasing numbers of men are now dating ladyboys. So if you’re curious about ladyboys, and are interested in dating one, then here’s what you need to know about Filipino Ladyboys.

When men think of ladyboys, they tend to automatically think of Thailand. But Thailand isn’t the only country in Asia where you can find sexy and exotic ladyboys. In fact there are shemales in most Asian countries. It’s possible to find them in China, and I’ve personally spotted a ladyboy or two in Tokyo’s pulsating Shinjuku entertainment district.

Outside of Thailand however, by far the biggest concentration of ladyboys is to be found in the Philippines. In fact I looked on the Ladyboy Kisses dating site, and here’s the number of ladyboys I found by country:

Country Number of Ladyboys
Philippines 6970
Thailand 776
China 30
Japan 15

Well quite frankly I was stunned at the number of Pinay ladyboys compared to the Thais! That means there are nearly nine times as many Philippines shemales as there are Thais.

I’m not sure what this means in the real world, and whether there are actually more ladyboys on the streets of the Philippines than there are in Thailand. One big advantage Filipinos have (ladys and ladyboys) is that they usually read and write reasonable standards of English. This means they find it much easier to go online and sign up to dating sites compared to the Thais.

Meeting Filipino Ladyboys

The Philippines is home to some of the most gorgeous and most feminine looking ladyboys in the entire World…

There are quite a number of ladyboy contacts sites. I’ll warn you to be wary of any site that says anything about flirting and cam shows. These sites often charge by the minute, and can cost you a lot of money. As well as this they’re really not good sites if you want to have a longer term relationship with a transsexual partner.

Free dating sites are best avoided as well. There are quite a number of ladyboys on the free Asian dating website DateInAsia. The problem here is that you can only search for male or female members, there’s no 3rd sex option. So hats off to Asian Kisses and Filipino Kisses for both including this option!

Now I’ve tried to find an Asian wife on DateInAsia and it doesn’t look a great place to find a long term partner. In fact the only real interest I got was from hookers. I guess the same will be true if you go looking for a ladyboy on this site.

About the best ladyboy dating site is Ladyboy Kisses. This site has a reasonable subscription, and as shown in the table above there are thousands of transsexuals listed from a wide range of countries. If you want to date a Thai or Filipino ladyboy then you’ll be literally spoilt for choice in this site. Which ever city you visit, from Manila, Angeles City to Cebu, you’ll find no shortage of Philippines ladyboys on Lady Boy Kisses.

About the best thing with the Kisses range of Asian dating sites is that the members can upload dozens of photos of themselves. This is great as it’s so easy to spot the vain ladyboys from the ultra-vain! Choose your princess carefully!

Other Ladyboy Dating Options

LoveMe is a non-starter, as it’s aimed squarely at men seeking Asian mail order brides. They have a fabulous selection of Filipino women, but alas no ladyboys.

Filipino Cupid (formerly Filipina Heart) and Asian Dating are both worth a look. If you’re exclusively interested in Filipino dating, stick to Filipino Cupid. Alternatively, Asian Dating has members from a much wider range of countries.

Filipino Cupid does have plenty of ladyboys. However, since there’s no ladyboy search option then you’re never quite sure whether to look for the ladyboys in amongst the men or women. Happily, one good thing about this site is that there are top notch facilities for keeping track of your favorite members.

Ladyboy Dating Issues

Other than that, remember that many ladyboys need money for expensive drugs, operations and of course shopping! So they’re always on the lookout for making money, and sadly scamming men and getting them to send money is a tempting option.

Of course, if you just want a ladyboy friend or two then she’ll appreciate you sending a few dollars now and again. But remember that this type of Asian won’t necessarily make a good long term partner.

And while in many countries you can theoretically marry your ladyboy life partner, just bear in mind that many people aren’t keen on the idea of such a relationship. If you love ladyboys, then living in Thailand or the Philippines should be your ultimate plan.

Would you ever consider dating Filipina ladyboys? Would you ever go there? Leave your comments below (anonymously if you like).

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