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When men get the idea of finding an Asian wife they don’t always realise how much effort is involved. So be under no illusions, finding a good bride from Asia isn’t that easy.

The two biggest issues if you’re going to face if you go down the online dating route are weeding out the scammers, then weeding out the unsuitable ladies.

Romance Scammers

Romance scammers are incredibly common on Asian dating sites. Actually, scammers are common on pretty much all dating sites. I’ve even heard of British women getting scammed by British men.

Romance scams involving foreign ladies are of course nothing new. There are a lot of ladies on dating sites who sign up just to see if men will send them gifts and money. These girls are particularly numerous on Filipina dating sites. The main issue here is that if you don’t send girls money then you won’t fall victim to a scam. Keep your walllet closed and eventually the girls will get bored and move onto another potential victim.

Yes sometimes the girls tell you sad stories. And of course as men we like to take care of the ladies we care about. But you really should avoid supporting Asian ladies until you’ve married them. Get your money out before then and trust me you’ll regret it later.

There are other types of scam ladies to be wary of. Some act as agents of other websites, and they’ll try and get commission by signing you up for a particular service. Chat sites and web cam sites are particular favorites. So avoid any lady that you meet on one site and who suggests you chat on another site.

Finding Mrs Right

Once you’ve weeded out the most obvious scammers, then there’s the task of finding a lady who wants to marry you for the right reasons. This isn’t particularly easy because each lady has her own particular circumstances. My best tip is to talk to a lot of girls, so you get to know a lot about Asian culture and start to understand the ladies from the country you’re interested in. Sites like Filipino Cupid and Filipino Kisses allow you to contact as many ladies as you like, so take them up on that offer!

It’s always a good idea to see if you can pick up one or two female best friends. Girls you can trust can be a valuable source of information. But don’t forget to be fair on them it’s good to let them know that you have no romantic feelings for them. Give the girls tips on how to attract a good husband and they’ll gladly tell you all kinds of valuable information about Asian women.

Other than that, you just have to trust your male intuition as to whether a particular woman would make a good wife. What I have learned though is not to fall in love with anyone until I’ve met them in person. And even if you think a particular lady is the one, always have a few reserve ladies.

Another good tip is to make sure you stay in control. You’re a man – if you want to visit Cebu for example, then don’t get sidetracked by ladies demanding you visit them in Davao City. On the other hand, don’t stick too religiously to your requirements. I know of guys who were looking for an unmarried woman, but have ended up falling in love with ladies who were previously married and already had children. Personally I’ve tried to stick to the recommended age range for Asian brides, but I have also dated women older than me and also women who are a lot younger (hee hee).

Visiting a Lady in Asia

Online dating can be frustrating at times, but also a lot of fun. Don’t forget though that if you’re serious about finding an Asian wife then at some point you’ll want to visit her.

Your first trip to Asia should be an amazing experience

Visiting a lady in Asia is a tremendous experience, and I know very few men who have been disappointed by their trip. Of course it doesn’t always work out with a lady – you can do all the online chatting in the world, but it’s not always possible to gauge chemistry over the internet. In general, men who are disappointed by their trip put too much effort into a single lady, and didn’t have a back up plan. Or they spent their life savings on a single trip, and the stress of needing to find an Asian bride on that single trip got too much for them.

If you’re intending to visit a lady then it’s always a good idea to have some reserve ladies that you might also want to visit. I’ll warn you from personal experience though that meeting many ladies can seriously blow your mind. I’ve met so many lovely ladies on a couple of trips to Asia that my head was spinning. But meeting several ladies was a much bigger learning experience than my first trip when I just met one lady.

Ultimately though, visiting ladies in person does make up for all the hard work and disappointment of online dating. Of all the ladies I’ve visited I think that almost all of them could have been great potential wives.

So what do you think? Is looking for an Asian wife worthwhile? Leave your comments below.

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