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Hi Guys,

Wow I can’t believe I haven’t posted any new articles on this site for over 5 years. And yet the Philippines are still there, men are still interested in Asian wives, and I’ve been to Asia and back a few more times.

In that time the Philippines has certainly been on the up and up. More tourists are going there, and more of you guys are discovering how lovely Filipino women can be.

As to what I’ve been doing in these past 5 years, well that’s quite an interesting story.

I wanted to find my own wife from Asia.

Initially I started by doing the usual dating site/long distance relationship thing.

Eventually I started to realise that it just wasn’t going to work. How do you find someone as important as a wife in just a 2 week trip to Asia? I mean for the first 5 days you’re jetlagged, and then you’re exhausted. It’s just too random.

So in 2013 I decided to sell all my worldly goods, quit my job and make that move to Asia.

I actually settled on living in China. I’d dated Chinese women before. I was making minor inroads into learning Mandarin. And I knew how to get a legitimate medium term visa that would allow me to spend at least a year there.

So far so good.

But that’s where it starts to get complicated.

Well living in Asia made the dating much easier. I mean I could go on a dating site and meet a lady the very same afternoon. In fact that happened a couple of times.

Living in China I managed to schedule an average of one date per week. It was pretty good going, but I thought I’d be able to manage more than that. I should add that I was pretty much working those dating sites on a full time basis. If you have a full time job then you might not even be able to manage that many dates.

So anyway I did get a lot of dates but somehow, for some reason, I never quite managed to find the quality of lady that I’d met when I did the long distance relationship thing.

Weird, but I cannot emphasise enough that there are NO GUARANTEES with dating. None at all.

Anyway, after a few months living in China I kind of went mad with the hot weather, extreme humidity, mosquitoes, bad food and just general chaos that was part and parcel of living in one of the most densely populated places on the planet.

Eventually I went to Thailand for a 2 week holiday.

6 months later I was still there.

I can definitely recommend checking out Thailand. It’s a wonderful place to live. The weather is good, the food is excellent and there are some really nice condos available for not a great deal of money.

As for dating in Thailand, er, well it was OK.

It was a lot different to China though. In China I was dating successful alpha females. In Thailand I was mostly dating women who didn’t even have enough money for the bus ride into town. The dating cultures in both countries are very different if you’re a Western dude.

I actually had more luck dating non-Thai women in Thailand. I met a gorgeous Burmese woman. It was a shame she was on the rebound from another relationship. I met a stylish Vietnamese girl, but that fizzled out while I left the country for a week to get my Thai Visa. I met a couple of down to earth Cambodians. Was there a Laotian or two in there as well? Maybe.

Actually the best ladies in terms of marriage material were two visiting Filipinas. I found them really down to earth and very practical. Sadly I didn’t really find I connected with either. But I guess the moral of this story is that I should have gone to the Philippines instead of messing around in Bangkok.

And maybe you should look closely at the Philippines as well. The economy is on the up. Crime seems to be going down. There are some up and coming tourist destinations. And it’s even easier to get a long term visa now. Of course it’s also a dating paradise.

Happy dating!

Is the Philippines now the #1 place to go if you’re looking for an Asian wife? Leave your comments below.

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