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So you’re in the market for a beautiful Filipina wife or girlfriend. How do you meet her? One possibility is to use a free dating site.

There are loads of free online dating sites where you can meet beautiful Filipina girls online. But are free sites worthwhile?

First of all if you want to try some pay for Filipina dating sites then Asian Kisses and Blossoms are full of lovely Filipina girls. Blossoms isn’t free, but it has an annual fee that is very reasonable. You can also sign up to the site for free and have a look at the lady profiles on the site. Similarly Asian Kisses is worth a look.

For free sites, there’s either DateInAsia or Asian Love Connections.

Problems With Free Filipina Dating Sites

OK so we all like to save money but I am not sure if using a free dating site is always worthwhile. Some of the free dating sites are pretty basic. I’m also worried about what personal details they might have about me.

One problem with many of the free sites is that they have pretty basic search facilities. Their potential partner matching systems also tend to be quite basic. If you want to find your potential partner on a free dating site then be prepared to put in a lot of time searching for her.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that there are many Filipina girls on most free dating sites. How do you find the Filipina girl of your dreams? They are all so lovely!

One tip for dating Filipina girls is to look for a free dating site that has Filipina girls from all over the World. Many Filipinas work overseas in order to send money back to their families in the Philippines. If you just search for girls in your local area, not only will you narrow the field of potential partners, but you won’t have to fly thousands of miles to meet your lovely Filipina lady.

How else can you narrow down the search for a Filipina wife or girlfriend? Well age is an obvious criteria. Although Filipinas will usually say they’re looking for a man of any age, I’m wary of girls who want to marry someone 15 years older than themselves. This kind of relationship is usually about the money rather than love. Some guys don’t mind this, but if you are dreaming of true love then it’s much more likely with someone closer to your own age.

As well as the age issue, it’s important to consider a Filipina girl’s family background into account. Has she been previously married? Does she have children? Is she willing to live overseas? These are all important questions that should be answered early in a relationship.

Is it worth using a Paid Filipina Dating Site?

A lot of the Asian dating sites like Asian Beauties or Chnlove make their money from language translation services. This is particularly the case if you want to date a beautiful Chinese lady or a Thai girl. Obviously the language barrier is much reduced for Filipina ladies since so many of them speak and write fairly good English.

Regardless of which dating site you use, it’s probably going to take a while to find your dream Asian girl…

Since there is no need for translators, then most of the paid dating sites charge a monthly or annual fee. Many dating sites will have a free trial period. Almost all sites allow you to register for free so you can see the lady profiles on the site. Normally charging only comes into question if you find somebody you like and want to contact her.

A benefit of paid dating sites is that they are supposed to do a bit more background checking of ladies in order to remove scam ladies from the site. The problem is that most Asian dating sites allow ladies to sign up for free. This results in huge numbers of ladies registering, and it’s an uphill struggle for the dating site to keep on top of the scammers who might be signing up. So I am not sure that you are any safer on a paid dating site compared to one of the free dating sites.

Another good thing about paid dating sites is that they tend to have better communication facilities. Sites often have text and video based chat facilities which make it much easier to assess whether a Filipina lady is a suitable partner. The chat facilities also make it much easier to maintain a long distance relationship.

I think if I was a lady signing up to a dating site then I would be wary of free dating sites. Would I want to date a man who couldn’t afford $120 to sign up for a year’s membership of a dating site?

Online dating is a bit of a lottery anyway. If you want to avoid scam ladies then a safer option is to use an Introduction Agency. These agencies usually interview ladies before they sign up. A good agency will want to protect its reputation, so it will weed out the Asian ladies who aren’t really suitable for marrying a Western man due to their past, family status, health or personal qualities.

Good luck with your search for a beautiful Filipina wife or girlfriend!

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