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FilipinoKisses is another popular Philippines dating site.

The site offers the usual facilities in terms of being able to search for matches, then view their profiles.

As far as the number of women on the site, FilipinoKisses is truly vast! I did a search for 18-30 year old Philippines girls and the site returned 21,288 matches! How on earth do you find your match amongst this lot?

So with this number of women on it, FilipinoKisses is a good site for a man to look for an Asian mail order bride.

Speaking of men, I counted 21,587 men on the site, and 39,294 women. So that’s roughly twice as many women as men – good odds if you’re a man and you want to find a partner!

As well as men and women, there are also 958 ladyboys if you’re into that kind of thing. There could well be more ladyboys, but they’re just the ones who are open about their gender.

Filipino Kisses is pretty easy to use. It’s very similar to other dating sites, but it’s nowhere near as polished as the Cupid dating sites like Filipino Heart or

One nice thing about the site is that members can upload many photos of themselves, they’re not restricted to the one photo (DateInAsia) or five photos (Filipino Cupid).

I like dating sites where members can upload many photos. Members who upload plenty of photos tend to be more serious about finding love through the site. It’s also incredibly easy to spot the girls with narcissistic personality types! I dated one of these girls once – she was lovely, but the entire world had to revolve around her.

FilipinoKisses Scams and Scammers

There will be plenty of romance scammers on FilipinoKisses, but this is just a fact of life if you’re intending to look for an Asian wife. Filipinas are notorious for being scammers – this is largely due to the poverty in the country and the fact that English speaking girls find it easier to ask men for money.

Of course scammers wouldn’t exist if nobody ever sent them money, but plenty of men do send off hundreds or even thousands of dollars to girls they’ve probably never met.

If you’re afraid of scammers then it’s not really worth using one site over the next. They’re all infested! The best thing to do is to make sure you know how to avoid a scammer. Most Filipinas aren’t terribly imaginative, so they tend to all use the same old stories and techniques to get you to send them money.

And don’t let the scammers put you off – there are some wonderful girls on FilipinoKisses. Choose the right woman and you’ll end up with a far superior wife to what you could hope to find back in your own country.

Alternatives to FilipinoKisses

If you’re a guy looking for an Asian bride and you’re not too fussy on which country she comes from, then how about Asian Kisses? Asian Kisses has plenty of girls from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and of course the Philippines.

The largest Philippines dating site is Filipino Cupid. The site is also known as Filipina Heart. Cupid Media claim their site has over

FilipinoKisses and the other sites listed here are all great places for meeting attractive Asian women

1.5 million members. What’s more, there are also more men than women (with a ratio of roughly 2:1 in favour of the male members of the site!).

Cherry Blossoms remains popular with Filipinas seeking foreign husbands. This site has an affordable subscription fee. As a bonus there are also a lot of profiles of women from other Asian countries, particularly Thailand and China.

There are a few smaller Pinay dating sites. These include Pure Filipina, Melinda’s Penpals and Cebuanas. I’d say that Melinda’s Penpals is the best of the lot – it’s a friendly place and the site owner is a decent guy.

Of course if you’re into ladyboys, then FilipinoKisses has a sister site called LadyboyKisses. Just be careful on this site as I had a report from a full member of this site that it’s absolutely full of scammers.

Finally DateInAsia is totally free. It’s packed full of Filipinas seeking husbands. While the site is free, there are a few hazards including ladyboys posing as women and a legion of scam girls. Oh well, you can’t expect too much from a free dating site.

So FilipinoKisses is worth a look if you’re interested in the Philippines dating scene. The site is easy to use and it’s particularly good if you want to see lots of photos of your potential partners before you arrange to visit them in the Philippines.

If you’ve got anything to say about FilipinoKisses or another Philippines chat site then leave your comments below.

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