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Are you interested in finding an Asian mail order bride? If you want a wife from Asia then you’ve got three major choices of country: China, Thailand or the Philippines. So what are the differences between Chinese and Filipino women, and which is the best choice of Asian wife?

This article looks at five major characteristics you might be interested in when searching for an Asian wife, and what the similarities and differences are between Chinese ladies and Filipinas.


When choosing an Asian bride most men base their decisions based on looks.

The majority of the girls from the Philippines are dark skinned and are rather short. They tend to have hour glass figures, with big hips and often huge breasts. If you’re a breast man then you’ll love Filipinas.

Chinese ladies can often be dark skinned, but these ladies tend to be Cantonese girls from Guangdong Province and other provinces along the Southern Coast of China that borders Vietnam.

Dark skin is seen as less beautiful in China, so few self respecting Chinese ladies venture out in the sun without a sun parasol. They also often indulge in all kinds of skin lightening tricks.

If you like pale skinned Asian girls then the girls from the more Northerly Chinese cities are probably going to interest you more. Beijing is arguably the best place to look for taller Chinese ladies. It is worth bearing in mind however that there has been significant internal migration between the major Chinese provinces, so you’ll find ladies of many different appearances in all of the major cities.


Chinese ladies – very beautiful, but if they don’t speak English then communicating with them can be a challenge

A huge advantage of Filipino ladies over Chinese women is that the majority of Filipinas speak some English. And even if they don’t, the similarity of Philippines languages such as Tagalog and Cebuano to English and Spanish means that they’ll generally pick up English much faster than a Chinese woman will.

Having said that, Chinese people are often extraordinarily hard working, so you might be surprised at how quickly they can learn English.

There aren’t a huge number of English speaking Chinese girls on Asian personals sites. And those who do speak English tend to be the more high flying ladies with good careers and ambitious plans for their lives. Many men seem to be a little intimidated by these ladies. They also seem to think that an English speaking lady is somehow less oriental, and less mysterious.

Well I can happily confirm that English speaking Chinese ladies are often lovely and very exotic, and they can hold a conversation in English which makes it much more pleasurable to visit them.

If you do still want a Chinese bride who doesn’t speak English, then you can easily communicate with them on dating sites with built in translator services. Chnlove, Asian Beauties and A Foreign Affair offer this service. While convenient, just bear in mind that costs can very quickly escalate.

Age Difference

Let’s be clear – a lot of men like Asian women because they’re perceived as being more open to the idea of marrying a much older man.

Having dating a number of Asian women of varying ages, I realise that the “half man age + 7 years” is a good indicator to how young your potential Asian bride should be. As an example, a 40 year old man shouldn’t date anyone younger than 27, and a 56 year old man shouldn’t date anyone younger than 35.

If you do want a much younger wife then it’s often better to look at Filipinas rather than Chinese women. Filipinas are much more likely to marry a man 20 or more years their senior.

Incidentally, it’s probably a good idea to avoid the very young girls. They’re much more likely to be scammers, and they’re not always serious about marriage. Personally I’m wary of girls younger than 26. For me 28 is a good age. The lady is mentally mature but still has a great body, she’ll often want to start a family (if she doesn’t have babies already), but she’s not older and bitter like some of the 30 something previously unmarried ladies can be.


Chinese culture has a long history and it is one of the most recognisable cultures on the planet. Of course Chinese food is immensely popular, so if Chinese cuisine is your thing then you’ll be very happy with the choice of a Chinese bride.

Whether you go for a Chinese or Filipino bride, you’ll love the vibrant street life in her country

Just bear in mind that there are many different types of Chinese cuisine, so decide if you like spicy or mild food, and date Sichuan/Hubei/Hunan (spicy) or Cantonese girls (mild) accordingly.

On the downside, many Chinese beliefs (particularly around birthing and bringing up children) are pretty alien to us Westerners, so it’s essential to find a Chinese wife who is open to new ideas other than those she’s been brought up with.

Filipino culture tends to be much less well known in the West. Maybe the best known fact is that the majority of Filipinos are Catholics, and they take their Christianity very seriously indeed. If you’re not a religious man then you might want to approach Philippines ladies with caution, as their God fearing ways could be too much if you’re not particularly religious yourself.

Choice of Potential Asian Brides

Thanks to China’s vast population, Asian dating sites offer you the ability to chat to a huge selection of very beautiful Chinese girls

Whether you’re seeking a Chinese bride or a Philippines bride, you’ll be overwhelmed with the choice available on Asian dating sites like DateInAsia, Cherry Blossoms or

Chinese women are numerous on Chinese dating sites because China’s population is vast! There are estimated to be 1.6 billion Chinese citizens, and that’s before you count the numerous women of Chinese descent who live in other Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and yes, the Philippines.

The Philippines has a much smaller population of around 100 million citizens. However, Filipinas are usually the most numerous of the nationalities as far as the females are concerned on the majority of Asian dating websites. This is due to a number of factors including:

  • Many Pinays speak and write good English, so they can sign themselves up to dating sites and look for English speaking Western husbands.
  • Many Filipinas see finding a Western husband a way out of poverty for them and their families.
  • Around 10% of Filipino people work overseas, so they have a much better idea of how great it can be to find a Western husband.

Where China scores is that its population is much more ethnically diverse. Dark skinned ladies, light skinned ladies, tall ladies, short ladies, the choice of Chinese lady available is very extensive.

So as you see there are a number of issues worth considering before you decide to look for a Filipino or a Chinese mail order bride. Whichever nationality you go for, you’ll seldom be dissatisfied with the decision to look for a wife from Asia.

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