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In this article I’ll explore some of the key issues surrounding the age difference between a guy and a prospective Filipino bride.

Age difference is one of the huge factors that you need to think about when looking for an Asian bride.

The key factor here really is:

  • How young could your Filipina bride be?

Of course, for most men the answer is…

The Younger the Better!

Women seem to miss the point here, but we men are genetically programmed to seek out young girls. Young girls make for better babies, and babies are why we’re on the planet in the first place.
Age difference between a Western guy and a Philippines woman is also governed by the simple laws of supply and demand. The fact is that there are many more women on Filipino dating sites than there are Western men. And the majority of these men will never even go to the Philippines.

Trust me, if you make the effort to actually go to the Philippines, then there won’t be any shortage of young girls who will want to meet you. Even a guy in his 50’s or 60’s has a pretty good chance of finding a 20 year old girlfriend!

Whether you want to date or marry a much younger girl will come down to your appetite for risk. It’s riskier to date younger women. They’re much more likely to see you as a sugar daddy than a true boyfriend who they’re completely in love with. If you’re fine with being a sugar daddy, then go ahead – date that hot young girl! Where many guys head for a gigantic fall is believing that their much younger girlfriend really loves them.

Major Issues With Dating Younger Filipinas

I’ve travelled to Asia in search of an Asian wife of my own. My experiences with dating women of various age ranges shows:

  • Choosing a girl who is the right age for you is an often complicated decision…

    You can fall in love with a woman of any age. So when you’re on a dating site don’t be too restrictive with your age range.

  • There’s an old rule that you should halve your age and add seven years. This figure is the age of the youngest woman you should date. I gotta say that this worked really well for me! I’m 39 and I dated a 25 year old. Ah, she was a little young for me really. By contrast, the 28 year old girls were absolutely ideal for me. I like the fact that this rule also has a sliding scale, which means the age difference can increase with age, but not so much that you can only date mature Asian women.
  • As far as online dating goes, girls below the age of 25 are much more likely to be scammers. I’ve talked to guys who have used Filipino Cupid or the Kisses dating sites, and they’ve claimed that nearly every girl they’ve chatted to has been a scammer!
  • Girls in the 26-30 age range are usually done with playing around, and are more likely to be desparate to have babies.
  • While I’ve been told to find a girl closer to my own age, I must admit that I’ve had real problems dating 30-40 year old women. They’re either too picky (hence they’re still single), or they have various issues that have stopped Asian men marrying them.

Living in the Philippines vs. Mail Order Brides

There’s a huge factor in the age of the girl you can marry – your location!

You’ll generally find it easier to pick up a younger girlfriend if you’re living in the Philippines, or intend to live there.

While you can get a 20 year old Filipina to come and live with you in the USA or other Western country, this is more risky. Risks include:

  • You’ll put her through college, then she’ll go off with another man.
  • You’ll support her and her family until your savings are all used up, then she’ll go off with another man.
  • She’ll go off with another man.

It’s sad to say that women can play love games at any age – maybe much more than men. But if you go down the mail order brides route then it’s generally better to find a woman who’s closer to your own age. The half your age plus 7 years rule mentioned above is highly recommended if you want your bride to live with you in your country.

So these are some of the age related issues you might want to consider when looking for a Filipino wife or girlfriend.

If you’ve got any stories to tell about age difference in relationships, or you want to know if your Filipina girl is the right age for you, then leave your comments below.

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