Do Most Filipinas On Dating Sites Have Kids? | Filipina Dating

One thing you’ll notice if you sign on to a Filipina dating site like Filipino Cupid or Filipino Kisses is that quite a few of the girls on the site have kids.

Even if a girl says she doesn’t have kids, sometimes it’s possible that she does. If you’re interested in a girl then it’s a good idea to try to establish whether she does actually have kids. The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country so not everyone likes to use birth control methods – it’s often considered a sin. There are also occasional miracle bundles of joy that are born from accidents – in this respect the Philippines is not much different to any other countries.

Find an Asian mom and you’ve got a ready made family of your own

The thing to bear in mind is that Filipino men are far less likely to want to marry a woman who has already had kids, especially with another man. Filipinas signing up to dating sites often think that Western men will be less interested in them if they have kids. This is certainly true to some extent. It’s generally difficult and expensive to find a marriage partner in another country. A lady having children from a previous relationship is an added complication, and not one that all guys are interested in taking on.

If you’re not worried if your new Filipina girlfriend has children, then drop plenty of hints that you love kids and that you wouldn’t mind if she already had kids of her own. But don’t be too pressing if she’s evasive on the issue, especially at the start of a relationship.

One thing to bear in mind is that many Asian women hand over their kids to their parents to look after. This allows the mom to go out to work while the retired grandparents bring up the children. This happens in the Philippines as well as Thailand and China. With Filipinas working overseas or in the big cities like Davao, Cebu or Manila they might not even see their own children for a year or more. What this means is that it’s incredibly easy for a Filipina to hide the fact that she has kids. Once you’re getting along well with a girl and she starts opening up to you then you might discover the truth.

Another thing to be careful of is scammers mentioning their babies. This is a great way to tug at your heart strings and get you to send them your life savings. It’s even possible that a girl might invent up a story of having a baby, just to get some sympathy.

So as you can see nothing’s that straightforward when it comes to dating Filipinas who might or might not have children from a previous relationship. Dating ladies with children can be more involved, but that’s more than offset by the fact that your dream Filipina girl might come with a ready made family for you to adopt.

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