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If you’re going to look for a Filipina girlfriend or wife, then you need to be aware of Filipina scammers.

Sadly, romance scammers roam all dating sites these days looking for lonely, vulnerable victims.

Both men and women are targeted. If you’re a guy looking to chat with younger Asian women, then you’ll often be a target for these scams.

So how do you avoid the scams and scammers on Filipina dating sites?

Here’s some information about:

And there’s also a bit about my own scammer experiences.

Filipina Scammers

Filipina scammers are quite common on dating sites. In fact, they’re incredibly numerous.

Life is hard for many Filipino people, and getting gullible men to send money to the Philippines is a decent way to make a living.

Asian internet cafes are popular places for girls to chat to Western men online

Many people in the Philippines survive on less than $5 a day. I’ve dated Asian women who earn less than $10 a day. So if a Filipina can find five American men to mail her $75 a month then her life will be transformed.

Now I’ve got no particular sympathy for anyone who sends off thousands of dollars to a girl they’ve never met. Throw your money around and you’ll attract gold diggers galore. That’s just the same whether you want to date American, Russian or Asian women.

Men often fear scammers on dating sites. Yet they’re incredibly easy to avoid. If you don’t send money to a scammer, you won’t lose any money. Simple as that.

Beyond this, you can cut your risks down by:

  • Picking the women you want to chat to and not replying to emails from girls who contact you directly.
  • Only looking for women who are 30 and above.
  • Chatting to a lot of Asian women, so you begin to understand how to spot the really nice women.

Typical Filipina Scams

Some scams and untruths to be on the lookout for include:

  • Being asked for money. These are simple to avoid really. If a girl asks for money, stop talking to her.
  • Being told lots of sad stories, and how the family needs money for house repairs, schooling, medical emergencies. These are meant to tug at your heart strings, and this is the slippery slope to sending a girl money.
  • Plenty of girls will be chatting to many men simultaneously. This is just a fact of life, and unless you’ve visited a girl in person, then it’s unfair on her for you to consider her as yours. What I will say is that it’s best to be wary of girls who chat to men on dating sites all day and night. This is likely to indicate that they could be making a living from the site. These girls are also quite easy to spot because they’ll forget what they’ve told you, and they’ll get their facts mixed up. I’ve done this myself by trying to talk to four Asian women simultaneously. I got found out – the human brain can’t deal with the complexity of the situation.
  • Identity theft happens on dating sites, so be careful with giving anyone all your personal details.
  • One common ploy scammers use is to get you to chat on another website. Sometimes they’ll be acting as affiliates of that site, and they make a few dollars for signing you up. Girls acting as agents of sexy webcam chat sites are incredibly common.
  • Ladyboys are common in Thailand and the Philippines. Ladyboy dating is becoming more popular, and a ladyboy girlfriend is desired by many men. However, they’re obviously a distraction if you only like true women. Sadly, many Filipino ladyboys aren’t so open about their circumstances. Make sure you know how to avoid being tricked by a ladyboy.

Not all Filipinas are open about having kids from a previous relationship.

You’ll find that Filipinas frequently lie about their age, height, weight and other things. But it’s unfair to single out Filipinas for this. It happens on pretty much all dating sites and you’ll find much the same thing whether you date Asian, American, European or Australian women!

The good news is that there’s really nothing new under the sun. Most Filipinas use the same stories and techniques to look for victims. They often sit together in the same internet cafes telling Western dudes the same sad stories. After 2-3 months on a typical Asian chat site you’ll have pretty much been told every scam story there is.

My Own Scammer Experiences

I’ve been looking for an Asian wife for around three years. I’ve used a variety of dating sites.

I’ve not had too much problem with scammers. Here’s how I avoid them:

  • I’m still in my 30’s, and scammers tend to target men in their 50’s and 60’s. If you’re 55 and American, then you will be a gigantic target for scammers.
  • I’m looking for a Chinese wife. Asian romance scammers are far more likely to be Thai or Filipina, thankfully Chinese women aren’t quite so likely to be scammers. Filipinas in particular are far more likely to be able to speak and write English, and this is a big advantage when it comes to attempting romance scams.
  • I stay away from free dating sites – these have neither the employees or the technological solutions to spot and ban the scammers.
  • On dating sites like Filipino Cupid I block my online status so that women can’t start chat sessions with me.
  • I don’t often reply to women who send me emails if they’re outside of my age range or they don’t live in a location I want to visit.
  • I don’t talk to any Asian women who don’t live in Asia. In particular, I never talk to Asian women claiming that they just happen to be living in Africa or the Middle East.

African Romance Scammers Want Your Money!

African scammers? On Philippines dating sites?

A particular hazard with online dating are African men looking for scam victims. Online scams from Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal – I’ve been getting these emails for years.

Now African scammers have found an easier way to find victims – through online dating sites.

They target just about every dating site out there. The only sites you’re unlikely to see African romance scammers on are the sites where the ladies are added by Asian marriage agencies (e.g. Asian Beauties, LoveMe and Chnlove).

Personally I know two Chinese women who have been approached by African and Middle Eastern scammers on Chinese Love Links. Here’s the story.

I don’t know if these scammers target men, but since men are more likely to pay for membership of Asian dating sites, it’s very likely that they will.

African scammers are usually living in Africa. So the easiest way to avoid them is to not talk to anyone claiming to be living in Africa or the Middle East. And since they usually steal photos of other people and put them on their dating profile, they’re easy to identify. Just ask to see them on webcam. If they refuse, choose another girl to chat to.

Of course, there are generally more Filipinas living and working overseas than there are Thai or Chinese overseas workers. For example there are many Filipina girls in Dubai. By all means date these girls. But if you’re not actually living in somewhere like Dubai, then give them a miss.

So scammers are a fact of life if you’re intending to look for a girl in the Philippines. But don’t let the scare stories put you off looking for a foreign wife. There are plenty of decent women in the Philippines who will make fantastic wives for Western guys. But finding them will take some time and effort, as would finding a bride from your local area.

If you’ve had any problems with scammers on Philippines dating sites then feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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