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Looking for dating sites for Filipina? You’ve come to the right place!

The Filipina dating sites guide maintains a list of the best Filipina dating sites around.

Sites with a good history of succesful marriages between Filipinas and Western men include:

  • Filipino Heart
  • Date In Asia
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Asian Kisses
  • Asian

Dating Sites for Filipinas – What to Look For

Two things you need to look out for when choosing a Filipina dating site are:

Low Cost Dating Sites for Filipinas

If you’re a Filipina seeking a husband then here’s the good news – most dating sites will allow women to sign up for free!

If you’re a man you can also usually sign up completely free. However, you’ll normally have to pay to contact the sexy Filipinas!

To compensate, most dating sites will make your profile more visible once you’re a paying member. And women like the paying members a lot more – it proves they’re actually serious about finding a bride from the Philippines.

Letter Writing Dating Sites

One type of site that both men and women should be careful about are the letter writing sites. These are free for men to join. However, the men members of the site then need to pay each time they send a letter to an Asian woman on the site. These sites can be really expensive.

Only today I read a report in the Sunday Times newspaper about a man seeking a foreign bride online – he claimed to be spending $250 a month on letter writing sites! What a fool – did he not know that most Asian dating sites with a flat rate fee charge around $150 for an entire year’s membership?

Sometimes these sites charge money for women to join as well. My previous Chinese girlfriend had to pay a lot of money to join a marriage agency. The agency then posted her profile to various online dating sites aimed at men seeking Asian brides.

So if you’re a Filipina seeking a foreign husband from America, Canada or Australia then be careful of people offering you all kinds of promises that they’ll find you a husband. Especially if you have to pay money to use their services!

Scammers on Dating Sites for Filipinas

Scammers are a fact of life with online dating. Many Filipinas ask men to send them money. What’s generally less well known is that men also try and scam Filipinas on dating sites. Often men will ask for money, or for sexy webcam shows or other things.

Don’t let a dating site scammer spoil your hopes and dreams for your future

Two Chinese girl friends of mine have been emailed by scammers on a popular Asian dating site. In one case the girl got very excited that an American man was arranging to visit her. But it turned out he was actually an African man looking for money.

So if you’re a woman using a Filipina dating site then be careful of who you chat to.

For what it’s worth, good men who are serious about marriage to an Asian lady won’t send money each month – if they genuinely like you and can afford the expense of finding a wife in another country then they will come and visit you!

As to detecting scammers, about the best thing is to make sure you know the person you’re talking to is real. Arrange a webcam session on Skype so you can check to see they really exist.

So when choosing dating sites for Filipinas, make sure you’re aware of costs before you get too involved with finding members you want to contact. And scammers are lurking on most dating sites, so be careful with those as well.

Good luck with your Filipina dating experience!

If you’ve had problems with scammers or expensive dating sites then leave your comments below.

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