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Cherry Blossoms is a popular Asian dating site. The site is long established – the company behind Cherry Blossoms were one of the major players in the mail order brides industry before the days of the internet and online dating personals sites.

There are lots of sites where you can meet and chat to Filipinas. So what does Cherry Blossoms offer men seeking Asian mail order brides from the Phillipines?

One big thing in its favor is that Cherry Blossoms is just about the cheapest Asian dating site around. At the time of writing the site was $45 less for yearly membership than I paid for Chinese Love Links membership. The site is much cheaper than the pay per letter sites like Asian Beauties and Foreign Ladies.

Beautiful cherry blossoms are a common sight in the Far East

Personally I found the Cherry Blossoms dating site a bit clunky to use, and a redesign is long overdue. Although you can set up saved searches, it’s not as slick and professional as the system used by Cupid Media for their sites like Filipina Heart.

There are some nice features though. It’s great to be able to block women by nationality. If you’re not interested in Thai or Chinese women, then it’s a good idea to block them. You can also block women who are over a certain age, or who have a certain number of children. These blocks will reduce the time waster emails you get on the site.

A good thing about the Cherry Blossoms dating site though is that the site has been around a long time, so it doesn’t struggle to attract members. The membership base is always critical when considering a dating site. Too few members and you’ll often struggle to find women you’re interested in chatting to. At the time of writing Cherry Blossoms claimed to have 50,000 members. Filipino women are by far the most numerous nationality. You’ll certainly find no shortage of potential Asian brides amongst all these hot women.

Cherry Blossoms has a few other features that not many other Asian dating sites have. There are public chat rooms, which some men like. Filipinas certainly love to chat! Personally I’m not a great fan of public chat rooms. It’s all too easy to attract scammers in the chat rooms, and I don’t want a wife who’s heavily into chatting online all day.

There’s also the ability to have a 1 on 1 chat with an Asian lady you like the look of. Again I don’t tend to like chatting on dating sites themselves, as chat requests from ladies are often from scammers or from ladies you’re not likely to be interested in anyway.

There’s also help for filling out paper work for a fiancé or spouse visa. This is only useful for US citizens though.

Cherry Blossoms Scammers

On the downside, sites like Cherry Blossoms do attract scammers. Be aware that dating sites are fantastic places for scammers and fraudsters to make contact with people. Increasing numbers of Nigerian and other African fraudsters are contacting their victims on dating sites instead of sending them emails or phoning them up.

If you’re an older man and particularly if you’re American, then you will attract scammers on a site like Cherry Blossoms. Here are a few clues that they’re quite likely to be scammers:

  • They don’t have a photo in their profile.
  • They’re a Filipino woman but they claim to be living in West Africa (especially Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana).
  • They’re usually much younger than you.
  • They’ve recently signed up to Cherry Blossoms.
  • They’ve only uploaded one or two photos.
  • They refuse to see you on a webcam chat.
  • They tell you sad stories about how life in the Phillies is so hard.
  • They say they’re looking for a man of any age.
  • If they’ve uploaded photos then their photos are quite sexy and could be studio shot photographs.

One nice thing about Cherry Blossoms is that they have an IP address identification feature that allows you to see which country the person’s computer is registered in. Sure, it’s not foolproof, but it’s another layer of protection to help guard against fraudsters. It would be nice if it worked down to city level like it does on China Love Match.

It’s worth bearing in mind that many Filipino women do work overseas. In fact it’s estimated that around 10% of Filipinos work overseas. If you discount children and old people, then the proportion of working age Filipinos working overseas could be very significant. And these are likely to be the women you’re most interested in marrying.

If you’re interested in overseas Filipinos then concentrate on those working in your own country or in other industrialized countries. Stay away from those working in Africa – the chance of getting scammed is just too high. Filipinas often work in big international cities like Dubai and Hong Kong. These ladies can be worth dating. But bear in mind that they’re sometimes just as likely to be scammers as the women back in the Philippines. Morals frequently go out the window when people work away from their home country.

Alternatives to Cherry Blossoms

The nice thing about Cherry Blossoms is that there’s a good selection of ladies from a wide range of Asian countries. So if you change your mind about finding a Pinay bride and want to chat to Thai women instead then you don’t have to pay to join another dating site. I got burned on this before, so I prefer to use an Asian dating website with ladies from a wide range of countries.

Not sure you want a Pinay wife? Cherry Blossoms is also a great place to meet Chinese and Thai women is an increasingly popular site. It’s a great alternative to Blossoms. Sure, it costs a little more for a monthly or annual subscription. But Cupid Media advertise this site widely, and it’s attracting a lot of good Asian ladies. I’ve actually visited a fair number of ladies from its sister site Chinese Cupid, and I’m stunned at the high quality of lady who registers for the Cupid sites. This is a good choice if you’re looking for well educated Filipinas.

Asian Kisses might also be worth a look. At the time of writing they’re redesigning the site, and I don’t like the new system at all. Nonetheless, the Kisses sites are very popular with German and other Western European men seeking Asian mail order brides. If you’re 100% sure you want a Filipina bride then there’s also Filipino Kisses, or for Filipino ladyboys there’s Ladyboy Kisses.

If you don’t really want to pay for a dating site membership then another site worth considering is DateInAsia. You can chat to the Pinay women on this site for absolutely nothing! On the downside, DateInAsia has a reputation for being full of crazy people so don’t forget you always get what you pay for, and in the case of this site you haven’t paid a cent. Still, the more experienced guys who have dated Asian women before tend to quite like this site. Personally all I found on this site were crazy women and hookers. So I don’t think free dating sites are the place to find sincere and marriage minded Asian women.

As well as DateInAsia, Asian Love Connections is also worth a look. Again, this is a totally free site.

So Cherry Blossoms is worth a look if you’re interested in chatting to Asian women. If you’re not totally sure if you want a Thai bride then you’ll find a tremendous selection of ladies from a wide range of Asian countries. A good selection of ladies to chat to and a competitive monthly membership fee means that this site is well worth considering in your search for an Asian bride.

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