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Posted on 13 September 2011.

Asian brides are becoming more popular, and of all the Asian countries it’s the ladies from the Philippines who are the most numerous online.

When I first thought about the idea of finding an Asian wife, I had no idea what a world of choice there was out there. I thought only older guys married Asian ladies, and that they usually married either Thai or Japanese women.

Filipinos have every reason to be proud of their nation, and their beautiful Pinay women!

So imagine my surprise when I found there was a lot more to Asian dating than Thailand or Japan.

Philippines ladies are particularly popular as Asian wives of Western men. Filipinas (or Pinays as they are often called) are increasingly taking over from Thai brides as the No. 1 Asian bride. Good reasons for dating Pinay girls include:

  • Many girls speak and write good English. Take it from me if you date a Chinese girl who speaks little English then you’re in for a world of confusion. Trying to communicate with my first Chinese girlfriend drove me crazy. So instead of losing my mind over her, I think I should have just found a Pinay girl who could actually speak English.
  • The Philippines isn’t too difficult to visit. There are regular flights from Hong Kong’s international airport. Places like Cebu City and Angeles City in Manila are great vacation destinations in themselves. So you can combine meet ladies with some serious R ‘n’ R.
  • Pinay women tend to be God fearing Catholics. Marriage is for life, so they tend to take marriage much more seriously than your average Chinese or Thai girl would.
  • This is a statistic you’ll love. There are 1.5 million members of the Filipino Cupid dating site. Cupid Media (the site’s operators) also claim that for every man with an account on the site, there are two ladies! These are encouraging odds if you’ve been disappointed by your efforts to find love in your own country.

Pinay girls are a particularly good choice if you want to find a much younger wife. Yes sometimes you get evil looks if you’re in town with a much younger Asian girl on your arm, but who cares? If you marry a much younger girl then you’ve still got a chance of having kids later in life. And younger girls tend to be much easier to get along with. In my dating experiences I have had a lot of woe from the older girls who are just too set in their ways.

Hot Pinays could set your world alight. Sign up for free membership of Filipino Cupid and you’ll be swamped with cute girls wanting to chat to you

Of course Pinay dating does have its problems. There are many scammer girls on the major dating sites. Thankfully it’s not too difficult to identify them. Just don’t get into the habit of sending money to Asian girls you meet online. For what it’s worth, I’ve found that not sending money or gifts does not affect your chances with an Asian girl at all. Visiting her in the Philippines – that’s what she really wants, and it’s what you need to aim for. Sending gifts and money is just a diversion that will waste your time and money.

Some people also say that Pinay girls aren’t as beautiful as the other Asian girls (like the Chinese). Well if you visit the 100 Most Beautiful Filipinas Blog then you’ll quickly lose that idea. Women like Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera are some of the most beautiful women on the planet. And if you marry a Pinay girl and go onto start a family then you’ll no doubt have extremely beautiful mixed babies.

So if you like the idea of chatting to beautiful Pinays, then sign up for free membership of one of the Filipina dating sites and get chatting right away!

I’ve only dated Japanese and Chinese women. Am I missing out on Filipina beauty? Leave any comments you have below!

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