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If you’re interested in finding a Filipina wife or girlfriend, then one site you might come across is Asian Beauties. Asian Beauties advertises widely, so is one of the better known of the Asian dating websites. But is it any good, and is it worth considering if you’re looking for love in the Philippines?

Asian Beauties has ladies from a wide range of countries. I had a look for ladies in my 27 – 36 age range and I found 2839 Chinese ladies, 291 Thai ladies, 279 Filipinas and smaller numbers from the other Asian countries (including 15 from Cambodia and 4 from Indonesia). So there is a reasonable selection of Filipinas on Asian Beauties, but not a vast selection compared to the other Filipina dating sites reviewed here.

The Asian Beauties ladies have very airbrushed photos, so don’t book that flight to Cebu until you’re sure you’re gonna like the real life lady!

The Philippines is a good place to find English speaking Asian ladies. Take it from me, as somebody who has dated a number of Chinese girls, you don’t want to make life harder for yourself by trying to have a relationship with a girl who speaks little English.

So on Asian Beauties, the girls in my age range included 3 fluent English speakers, 73 advanced, 173 intermediate and only 26 with basic English knowledge. Note that this doesn’t seem to be based on any internationally agreed standard, so it’s always worth taking English skill with a pinch of salt. The good news is that I’ve managed to meet and date ladies with just basic high school English – it’s tough going at times but the Philippines languages such as Cebuano and Tagalog are generally much easier to get to grips with compared to Mandarin Chinese or Thai.

As to the ladies themselves, there’s a pretty good selection of ladies on Asian Beauties. One thing to be wary of is that the site really goes in for the heavily airbrushed studio photos so beloved of Chinese women. Before you fly halfway around the world to meet a Filipina you’ve seen on the site, be sure to insist on her sending more natural snapshots of herself. Another top tip is to insist on a webcam session – webcam’s aren’t very flattering and if a girl looks good on webcam then she’ll look great in real life!

Yikes, this is an Expensive Dating Site…

One major issue I have with Asian Beauties is that it’s such an expensive dating site to use. Take live chat. This costs you 1 credit per minute you chat to one of their members online. By comparison I’ve chatted to Chinese girls all day on QQ, Skype or MSN and it’s cost me nothing at all (except some wasted time!).

It also costs credits (and hence real money) to send an email to a lady through the site. I’m really not a fan of these letter writing sites at all. Sure, they are a way of communicating with ladies who don’t have good English skills. But there are enough Filipinas with good English skills to be able to make it unneccesary to require a translator. For what it’s worth, you can chat to unlimited Filipinas on Filipino Cupid once you’ve paid your monthly membership fee. Want to save even more money? Just search for Pinays on DateInAsia and you can chat to them for absolutely free!

Other Services Offered by Asian Beauties

I found just 279 Filipinas in my age range on Asian Beauties – not a huge number compared to the hundreds of thousands of Pinays on Filipino Cupid

Asian Beauties offers a range of services that you might find useful. You can send ladies real gifts and virtual gifts through the site. I’m not a huge fan of these services as they can be pretty expensive. Sure a teddy bear is only $25, but that could be 3 or 4 days wage for the average Filipina. Many Asian ladies are frugal, so they’d rather you saved your cash. In fact if a lady is frugal it’s a good sign that she’s good marriage material. I met a Chinese girl and she applauded me for the money I saved on vacation by washing my clothes in the hotel sink rather than use the hotel laundry service.

Asian Beauties also offer romance tours. At the time of writing these were only offered for China, and not the Philippines. If you do want to meet a lot of ladies in person then singles romance tours are a great idea. For Philippines tours check out LoveMe (AFA/A Foreign Affair) who run occasional trips to Cebu and Davao City. By the look of the smiles on the male participants’ faces, these tours are one of the greatest things a man can ever experience!

So Asian Beauties is pretty expensive for what it is. I found out to my own cost that letter writing sites like Chnlove and Asian Beauties can be extremely expensive. For Filipino dating, both Filipino Cupid and Filipino Kisses offer much better value, especially in these recessionary times. To be honest, Pinays are so ,numerous on dating sites that you could even rely on a totally free dating site like DateInAsia (although be careful to avoid the many scammers and dishonest ladies who lurk on free sites like this one). Or just search for Filipinas on Facebook – befriend one and her single friends will soon find you!

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