Are Filipinas The Only Choice For An Asian Bride? | Filipina Dating

Filipinas are very numerous on popular Asian dating websites like Cherry Blossoms, DateInAsia and Don’t think that they’re the only option for finding an Asian bride though. Here are some popular alternatives:

Option 1 – Thailand

Thailand is probably the most similar country in terms of its ladies. Thai brides are fairly easy to find, with online dating sites such as Thai Kisses, Thai Love Lines specialising in online Thai dating. There are also well known introduction agencies such as Thai Professional and Anglo Thai Introductions.

Good things about Thailand include the fact that it’s a great vacation destination in itself. So if you don’t find love on your trip to Thailand then you’re at least guaranteed a great vacation in the sun.

As to Thai ladies themselves, they’re generally considered to have a great temperment not unlike Filipinas. The big difference is that it’s generally more difficult to find a Thai lady with good English speaking skills. You might not be worried about this, but certain countries such as the UK are making it more difficult to get a fiance or marriage visa for a partner who speaks little English.

Option 2 – China

Chinese ladies are now very numerous on the popular Asian dating sites. There are also Chinese only dating sites such as Chinese Cupid and Chnlove. Chinese ladies can often be extremely beautiful and they age very well.

What you will find though is that the Chinese ladies on dating sites tend to be from the middle to upper classes of Chinese society. Consequently they can be quite ambitious in their outlook on life. If you want a laid back wife who wants a simple lifestyle then it’s often better to choose a Thai or Filipina bride.

Chinese ladies can also be hard to understand, and not just because of the language issues.

Find the right lady though, and you’ll have a loving and devoted wife. She’ll also look good and maintain her stunning figure throughout her life.

Option 3 – Indonesia

Is Indonesia the greatest secret in Asian dating? Indonesian ladies are exotically beautiful. I talked to one on an Asian brides dating site and I was entranced by her exotic looks and sparkling personality.

Asia is awash with beautiful ladies

The main issue with dating Indonesian girls is the huge distance you may have to fly in order to meet them in person. Australians are lucky in having Indonesian tropical paradises such as Bali on their doorsteps, but for Europeans, Americans or Canadians, it’s a long distance to travel.

If you want to date beautiful Indonesian girls then it’s also important to find a girl you like who doesn’t live in the middle of nowhere. Many parts of Indonesia are geographically remote, with dangerous currents surrounding the many islands. It’s invariably better to stick to girls in the major cities such as Jakarta.

Indonesians aren’t as common as Thai, Chinese or Filipina ladies are on dating sites. If you want to find them then head for the Indonesian Cupid dating site. Other than that there are Indonesians on the free dating site DateInAsia. Cherry Blossoms is also worth a look.

So as you can see here there are plenty of other choices if you’re interested in finding an Asian bride. And this article hasn’t even mentioned Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, South Korea or Japan…

Which country has the best Asian brides? Add your suggestions in the comments box below.

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