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Many girls love the idea of an American husband, but don’t forget the guys in other countries too!

If you’re a Filipina looking for a husband on a dating site, then how can you improve your chances of finding a husband? Here are five easy steps to take to help your profile really stand out. Online dating is really a numbers game. The more men you can attract to your profile, the more chances you have of finding the one.

  1. The most obvious step to take is to make sure you put a photo on your profile. Men love looking at photos of ladies, and if you put some photos on your profile, you’ll get a lot more interest shown in your profile. Some dating sites allow you to upload many photos, so upload a few photos if you have them. As well as showing a head and shoulders shot, also upload a photo of your full body. Why not include photos of you in everyday life as well? Even if you’re an office lady, men like to learn more about you from your photos
  2. There are a lot of ladies on most dating sites. It can be hard for a man to choose which ladies to talk to. One thing men often like is a lady who looks different to the others. If you have an interesting job, then post photos. Whatever is interesting about you, try and include it in your profile.
  3. Men are terrified of getting scammed on a dating site. Sadly there are plenty of girls who sign up to a site and try to get men to send them money. There are also plenty of scam men around. The result is that nobody trusts anyone on dating sites anymore. A man who is seriously interested in you will want to make sure you’re honest. So always tell the truth, even if it might put the man off. Men love honest ladies. It’s worth bearing in mind that there are big cultural differences between the Philippines and countries like the USA. Western men are far more accepting of ladies who have had children by other men. They also know that sometimes life is hard and you make mistakes. Another thing to not be worried about is if a man starts asking personal questions. Often he just wants to know you’re genuine. And if the man asks to see you on webcam, don’t be shy. He’s probably trying to see if you’re real. At the same time, be wary of the creepy guys who want to see you do sexy poses on webcam – these types of men don’t make good husbands, and they’re probably already married!
  4. Some of the single ladies I know are single because they’re too choosy. On some dating sites you’ll see ladies with a long list of requirements. Men often get scared of ladies who are like this. Remember that many ladies are just looking for an American husband. Don’t forget all the men in other countries like Canada, Australia and the European countries (France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, England etc.). Accepting an older man is another good way of finding a husband.
  5. Don’t spend too much time on just one dating site. Don’t forget there are many other sites to choose from! Have you tried Filipina Heart (now called Filipino Cupid), Filipino Kisses, Cherry Blossoms, Asian Dating or DateInAsia? Try different sites, because there are different men on each site. Don’t forget to log into the sites at least once a week, so men know you’re still looking for a husband.

Any other ideas for finding the perfect man? Leave your answers below!

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