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If you’re interested in finding an Asian bride then here are three ways of meeting Filipino women. Hundreds of thousands of Filipino women are actively seeking foreign men for marriage! These women are curvy and will make loving and devoted brides. See what you’re missing by considering these three ways of finding Filipino women for romance and marriage.

Asian Personals Sites

Online dating sites are immensely popular in the Philippines. Internet usage is high in this country due to good standards of education and the fact that it’s much easier for Filipinas to use computers compared to their Thai or Chinese sisters.

Another key advantage is that so many Filipinas speak and write reasonable English, so you don’t have to resort to a translator based site like Asian Beauties or Foreign Ladies.

Good sites for meeting Filipinas include Filipino Cupid (formerly Filipina Heart), Filipino Kisses and Cherry Blossoms. All of these sites offer a free trial membership and you only need to pay if you want to contact the cute girls on the site. It’s well worth taking out a membership anyway, because this shows the girls that you’re serious about finding a Filipina bride, and you’ll soon be swamped with pretty admirers!

On the downside, there are plenty of Filipinas who make a living from scamming multiple men. So never get involved with sending Filipinas money. Actually, the majority of scammers are pretty easy to spot. They usually use the same tactics such as telling you sad stories about their life of poverty and hardship, and hoping you’ll send them money.

Romance Tour

The Philippines can be a bit of a daunting place to visit on your own. So when you find a Filipina you’d like to visit, you have to be very careful. Manila is an urban nightmare in parts. Davao City is on the island of Mindano, and many governments (including my own) advise their citizens against traveling there.

One great way of meeting many beautiful Filipino women is to take part in a so-called romance tour. These tours are arranged for single men who want to meet ladies in a particular country. Romance tours are available for a wide range of countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America and of course Asia. A number of companies offer tours so you can meet Filipina ladies in the Philippines.

One company in particular is worth a look. A Foreign Affair (also known as LoveMe) run a number of romantic singles tours of the Philippines. Destinations include Davao City and Cebu City.

Which destination is best? Davao City is considered by most Western governments to be less safe to travel to. So you might be safer visiting as part of an escorted tour. The good thing about the travel advisories is that a lot of Western men are discouraged from traveling there to meet ladies. So if you’re not put off by the occasional dangers then you’ll find that you could meet some exceptionally young and beautiful Filipinas on the Davao City tour.

Personally I’d prefer to take part in the Cebu City tour. Cebu City is perhaps the most Westernised of all the cities in the Philippines. Cebu is awash with attractive women, and if you browse A Foreign Affair’s Cebu tour photos you’ll see that the guys who took that trip of a lifetime don’t seem to have been disappointed by the dozens of the most beautiful women in Cebu queuing up to meet them!

Find Filipino Women in Your Area

Don’t discount the Filipinas in your local area!

Due to the large numbers of Filipinas working overseas, there are quite likely to be dozens of Filipinas in your local area. Find them on local dating sites, personal ads or once again try one of the many Filipina dating sites.

Here are some numbers of Filipinas I found on Filipino Cupid recently. I counted Filipinas between the age of 18 and 40 who had logged into the site in at least the last 3 months:

  • London, England – 110.
  • Berlin, Germany – 8.
  • Toronto, Canada – 171.
  • New York, USA – 33.
  • Los Angeles, USA – 46.
  • Sydney, Australia – 41.

So if you’re looking for a relationship with Philippine women then you might not even need to travel all the way to the Philippines to meet her.

Dating a Filipino woman in your local area has other advantages. She’ll already be familiar with your language and culture. She will probably already have a job and work permit, so you don’t have the agonizing wait for immigration authorities to approve your fiancé or marriage visa.

So as you can see there are plenty of ways of finding single Filipino girls for romance and marriage.

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