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Posted on 19 August 2011. Tags: asian dating, asian women, dateinasia, filipina dating, filipinas, filipino cupid, filipino kisses, philippines, scammers

Filipino women can make loving and devoted Asian wives. The large numbers of Filipinas on dating sites mean it’s not too hard to find cute girls who want to chat to you online. The downside is that it’s not always easy to find love in the Phillys, so here are 10 things to watch for if you’re interested in marrying a Filipina.

  1. The first consideration to remember is that Filipina scammers are very common on dating sites. It’s not really a question of seeking out a website you can trust – there are scammers on all sites. Your best protection is to wise up and learn how to spot the scam ladies yourself. The good thing is that they’re not often terribly imaginative, and will usually copy techniques used by other scammers.
  2. Asian ladies aren’t always honest. It’s up to you to spot inconsistencies in what they tell you. This can often indicate that all is not well in your relationship. It may also indicate that you’re talking to a scammer. Scam ladies often talk to several guys at once, and they don’t always remember what they’ve told each guy. Another good thing to look for is that if a lady remembers things about you, the chances are she’s more interested in you.
  3. If you’re thinking of finding a foreign bride then make sure you can bring her back to your country after marriage. You’ll have to prove you can support her, so make sure you have a suitable home and enough savings to satisfy the authorities. Another potential issue is that some immigration departments require ladies to speak English or pass an English test before they’re granted a visa. Check your country’s regulations, because the regulations are becoming ever more restrictive as far as foreign brides go.
  4. Many women on singles sites are actually separated or divorced. In many cases they have children from a previous relationships. The particular thing to watch with Filipina dating is that sometimes girls aren’t always honest about whether they have children from a previous relationship. In most Asian countries the children are looked after by their grandparents, so hiding babies away is all too easy for an Asian girl. Of course, many Western men are delighted to find they have a ready made family with their prospective Filipino bride, but it’s better to know the truth early in the relationship.
  5. Remember that the Philippines is not the safest place to visit in Asia. If you’ve not travelled to Asia before then be extremely careful. Even if you’re a seasoned traveller, take precautions. Before you arrange to fly thousands of miles to meet the Filipina of your dreams, be sure to read your government’s advisory notes about the Philippines. Needless to say, also be very careful when arranging first dates with girls you barely know. Arrange to meet in the lobby of your hotel, and take time to build your trust in her.
  6. Some dating sites are more expensive than others. There are dating sites like Asian Beauties and Foreign Ladies that charge you each time you chat to a lady. Don’t rack up huge bills on these sites. Other sites like Filipino Kisses, Filipino Cupid and Asian Dating have flat rate subscription fees. Other sites like DateInAsia are 100% free!
  7. Some women on dating sites are professional daters. As far as Asian women go, sometimes they just want a Western man to visit them and shower them with affection and gifts. They’ve got no intention of ever leaving the Phillys. These girls will blow your mind if you visit them, but if they’re not marriage minded and you are, then they can be a big distraction.
  8. Some women sign up to dating sites in order to drum up business for a web cam show site. They might be the site’s performer, or they might simply be acting as affiliates for a site. Be wary of girls who offer sexy shows for money. If they’re run through a cam site then they can be expensive – costing you money for each minute you view. And of course they’re also a distraction to take you away from your search for a Filipina bride.
  9. Life is hard for many girls in the Phillys. It’s not uncommon for girls to tell you as much, or tell you sad stories about poverty. Just be a little suspicious if you think your girl is angling for money. This is a sure sign of a scammer. Honest girls won’t expect you to send money. Her family coped with crises before she knew you, and the family will be able to solve problems without your financial help.
  10. It’s worth mentioning again that it’s essential not to send money to any Filipinas you meet online. By all means support your Filipina wife, but always wait until you’ve married her. I’ve heard countless stories of men sending money to their Filipina girlfriends, only to find that she has no intention of marrying them. In fact in many cases she’s chatting to many men simultaneously, and has turned it into a full time job. Trust me on this that if you send money to Asian girls, you will regret it.

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